What Happens At Hearing Aid Fitting And Review Appointments?

Hearing Aid Fitting

The audiologist will begin with an overview of what to expect in the appointment.

If you believe your child's hearing has changed, a new hearing test will be needed.

If ear canals are full of wax or infected the hearing aid fitting may be abandoned.

*If your child is sick or has an ear infection contact your audiologist before the appointment*

If the ear canals are clear, the audiologist will begin by making sure the hearing aids fit well.

Next a measurement will be made to take into account unique properties of your child's ear canals.

Further measurements, on ear or in a box, ensure the hearing aids will safely supply the right sound levels ('verification').

The audiologist will then seek some subjective feedback from the child (depending on age) on loudness and sound quality.

There will then be a discussion on how to wear, use, and care for the hearing aids. Ask if you require clarification.

Finally there may be a questionnaire to fill out (so that pre and post hearing aid use comparisons can be made for 'validation')

The audiolgist will schedule a follow up appointment and advise you to contact them earlier if there are signs of pain/discomfort.

Hearing Aid Review

If one or both hearing aids are lost, contact the audiologist prior to review with this information. If one aid is lost say whether it was the right or left.

Otherwise ALWAYS bring your child's hearing aids to a hearing aid review.

The review typically begins with questions about hearing, health, school and hearing aid performance.

Hearing aid reviews often involve re-testing your child's hearing to see if there have been any changes.

New impressions for ear moulds may be taken and/or the tubing in the ear mould/domes may be replaced.

Post hearing aid fitting questionnaires and hearing testing involving the child wearing the hearing aids (both forms of 'validation') may occur.

Your child's age often determines the frequency of hearing aid reviews (0-2 years every 3 months, 2-5 years every 6 months, over 5 years every 12 months).

The type of hearing loss, changes in hearing and other factors also influence how often the audiologist will want to see your child for review.

The hearing aid review is also an opportunity for you to ask questions, voice concerns and discuss if you feel further assistance is required.