Useful Resources for New Zealand Children

Sign Language

There are useful resources for learning sign language at 'Deaf Aotearoa'

Phonemic & Phonological Awareness

In order for your child to hear and process speech well, they need to develop their awareness of speech sounds. This also helps with reading.

I recommend for 4+ year olds 'Oz Phonics' (New Zealand accent) an app for iPad that can be purchased from the iTunes store.

Auditory Memory

There has been some evidence that training of working memory, and specifically auditory memory, helps with processing of speech.

Jack Katz has developed a large number of auditory memory exercises that are available in some of his books.

Aso, there are some software programmes/apps available for purchase to work on these skills 'Hear Builder' has some useful auditory memory games.

Other Services

KidsLink NZ is a website that shows all the services in your area providing educational, emotional and physical support to children and their families 'KidsLink NZ'

Noise Exposure

Consistent exposure to loud noise can damage hearing. Some younger people regularly exposed themselves to loud sound such as music concerts ('leisure noise'),

the desire to do this is explained by Dr David Welch & Guy Fremaux 'Understanding Why People Enjoy Loud Sound' and 'Why Do People Like Loud Sound?'.

Consideration of noise levels and hearing protection to prevent hearing loss is important for all children, but particularly those who have a hearing loss.


Audiology services throughout New Zealand may be operating with extra hygiene precautions, and will likely advise any requirements or considerations.

Please do not take your child to the audiologist if you or they are sick with cold or flu like symptoms.

Ring the audiology department to clarify criteria around appointment attendance when a child, support person, or family member is sick.