Some hearing aids use batteries. The correct size battery needs to be inserted right way up in the battery drawer for it to work.

There are 4 sizes of battery, each with a different coloured packet or sticker and they need replacing regularly (see table below).

Hearing Aid Batteries Key
Battery SizeColourExpected Battery Life
10Yellow3-4 days
312Brown6-8 days
13Orange7-10 days
675Blue9-14 days

Other hearing aids need to be charged. These hearing aids need to be placed regularly into a charging dock that should be supplied with the hearing aids.

The following video demonstrates this: Ear and Hearing Clinic (2017, May 8) "How to charge your rechargeable hearing aids." Retrieved September 8, 2018.

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Turning Hearing Aids On/Off

For hearing aids that use batteries: Closing the battery door turns the hearing aid on. Opening the battery door turns it off.

Young children may have a tamper proof battery door on the hearing aids which requires a special tool to open the door.

Photo showing on/off position

For rechargeable hearing aids: Hold the button down (until a light flashes) to turn on. Hold the button down again (until a light flashes twice) to turn off.


The button can be programmed by the audiologist to do different things. It is often disabled for young children, apart from turning rechargeable aids on/off.

If there is a switch it is usually a volume control (push upwards to increase volume, downwards to decrease). It is often disabled for young children.


Keep batteries away from children. If swallowed contact the Poisons Hotline (0800 764 766 New Zealand)

Dogs and Cats may try and chew or eat the hearing aids so keep them out of reach of pets also.